wheres that shoe blog?

  1. I just bought these on eluxury.

    View attachment 5712

    I'm out of control.
  2. oohhh..girlll ;)...you are gonna be stylin'! With the right outfit and handbag....:nuts: ! A girls gotta ta have what a girls gotta have!
  3. OMG, they are fantastic... And that colour - you will look just great.
    Oh, I wish it was summer, I'm sick of walking around in boooooring winter-boots....
  4. Gorgeous! Love that color.

    bags, I also love your little signature. That is hilarious!
  5. I got the teal color as shown in the photo. It also comes in a honey color. The teal is already sold out in alot of stores so I had to go to eluxury. sad note: I just realized I didn't type in the code LEAP at eluxury so I gotta pay shipping! I'm an idiot.
  6. words to live by.
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