Where's Some of Our LV Gals?

  1. So I think this is OK here since it pertains to members who typically only frequent the LV area.

    Steve had a similar one a couple months ago....and I'm noticing a lot of people not around anymore.

    So if you've seen/heard from the following...please let us know what's happened to them (i.e. life is busy, moved on to a different forum, etc.)

    And if you have people you've been wondering about...let us know! We might know where they've gone!

    I'll Start:

    Blew415 (I know she was moving...but haven't heard from her in ages)

    Michelle 1025 (just life busy? Haven't seen her posting)
  2. I was just thinking something like this recently.

    Twinkle Tink doesn't post as much either but I know she's still around
  3. It seems like a few of the gals have gone over to the "H" side and Chanel forum!! I miss them!!! :sad:
    Twiggers, it's nice to still see you around even though you are more of a BBag girl!!! :smile:
  4. Michelle is still around and doing well, just not posting much anymore. :yes:
  5. I have noticed that most of the names in here now are unfamiliar to me. :sad: I miss a lot of people!
  6. Yep, I notice there's lots of new faces!
  7. Sometimes a break is good.....(for the wallet) ....
  8. Me too!!!
  9. True,lots of new faces....
  10. ^ lolz break is totally good for the wallet.
  11. I've been around- (not that anybody has missed me!) - and my name has changed- from Frozen_Alaska to just Alaska.

    Mlowran's been gone and so has Ethan's Mommy too! Where are yuuuuu?
  12. Ethan's Mommy is around...she's working and things have been good for her family too!!!!
  13. Probably in the Chanel Forum. LOL.. I was also an active poster on Chanel forum but I'm off with Chanel at the moment.. And I'm active with LV forum at the moment. LOL!
  14. We all switch around! Alot are into Chanel lately!
  15. I miss Michelle's posts!!!! She's doing ok though.

    I also missed Syntagma posting... she was busy with the kids... but now that school started, I think she has a bit more free time?