Wheres Shopmom...?

  1. I have noticed that shopmom is not around .....am missing her... please dont tell me she has left due to all that rubbish last week ????:confused1:
  2. No worries BG! Our dear shopmom is off to Italy--can't remember how long she'll be gone but she posted a thread before she left with details.
  3. phew i must have missed it or have lost my memory ..... thanks orchid:yes:
  4. but i think first she's gonna shop up a storm at H on Madison. :P
  5. I met up with her last night for a few minutes. She's doing very well and looking forward to looting the store.
  6. Hey HG, we want a full report of the raid at H, and possibly pics of all you guys meeting up!!!;) LOL!
  7. Suuurrree!!!!;) You'll get a great shot of our bag lineup. And of course you'll get another great shot of me hiding behind another bag!:upsidedown:
  8. We want pix!!
  9. show us ....we know there must be purchases if you 2 r about:yes:
  10. can't wait for pics!

  11. ....haha, but it's not only HG and Shopmom, there's the other NYC ladies aswell!!!:graucho: I can't imagine the havoc they'll create in H!!! The manager will probably have to give the poor SA's a couple of days off to recover...LOL!:shocked: :lol:
  12. Fun!!! :yahoo: Wish I was in NYC!
  13. Aaawww, I'm a nice, low-maintenance customer. I rarely give them grief.

  14. I know HG..... I was only joking!!!You're a darling:heart: and I wish I could be there with you all!!!:supacool:
  15. PICS!!! We need PICS!!! C'mon girls!!!!!
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