Where's our Riffraff?

  1. Glad to see Chaz is virtually back with us - won't be long til that phone line is sorted and she's hanging out with us again. :yahoo:
    But now another Mulberry gal seems to have disappeared - Riff where are you???? :crybaby:
  2. Riff!!!!!!!!! Where are you???!!!!xxxxxxxxx
  3. Riff is probably off oggling men somewhere!!! Come back! Or maybe she is out buying new bags????
  4. Come back Riff:sos:
  5. There's a lot of action on Salisbury Plain at the mo so she's probably in the thick of it with all those sweaty men in uniform!!
  6. Lucky girl!
  7. Sorry ladies, I have been neglecting you all for a good reason. It's been a hectic few days - another Mulberryite is on the move :yahoo: (with only a couple of months notice)

    I've been searching for houses in the Lincs area - I've found a couple that I want to go and view. Unfortunately nothing as grand as Chaz's Mulberry Manse, I can only dream of something like that. I'm looking at something only a couple of years old, or brand new so it's easily maintained with a postage stamp sized garden. I'm looking in the same town as my brother so I get to see more of my niece.
  8. Oooh, there you are! Another new Mulberry house then? Hope you're still going to be able to head on down to meet us all for the May meet - wouldn't be the same without you!
    How lovely to be near your family and a new house is always exciting.
  9. Ahhh therein lies a potential problem.
  10. Ooooh pooo! You're one of the Mulberry stalwarts, will be really sad if you can't make it. We'd have to link up a webcam so you can enjoy all the mayhem!
  11. Will try my hardest to get there - May not be splurging as I wanted to though :crybaby:
  12. Oooo!! You gotta come!!! I'll buy you some lemon cake!!! Hows about that for a bribe??!!!

    Good luck with the house hun,smaller,less cleaning,and that can only be a good thing in my book!! Get on with life instead of getting on with the hoovering,summers coming!!!! plus you will be able to see loads of that adorable neice of yours!!!
  13. That's the plan Chaz - I would rather be down the park feeding the ducks on a summer eve with little 'un than having to mow lawns, dig borders, sand floors etc.

    As much as I would dearly love an older house with period features and a lovely garden I just don't have the time for that sort of maintenance.
  14. The house we got has a small garden,trade off to living in the city,but to be honest,there are so many parks in a few minutes walking distance,I don't mind in the slightest.I am only good at killing stuff usually,I find gardening very challenging and frustrating!!! I like looking at lovely gardens,but good God don't ever put me in charge of a lush lawn,you'd come back to a desert complete with tumbleweeds!!!
    And lots was done to this house,although we still need to re-do the kitchen and bathroom.The sort of thing you are really positive and upbeat about..................till the work starts and your living in complete sh*t for 6 weeks longer than they said it would take!!

    The house used to have all the rooms rented out to students,there are locks on all the doors!! And they had to totally redecorate before they could put it on the market,I don't mind doing a bit of cosmetic stuff,but it is great to get into a place and get on with life straight away,I think I would have been too daunted if it had'nt been up to some sort of move in and put up with some bits as opposed to put up with all of it from the word go!!
  15. Glad I'm not the only one that's a danger to gardens everywhere. I love nice gardens, but it would take me 3 days to totally destroy what somebody took 30 years to cultivate!

    The house I'm looking at the garden is completey paved or pea gravelled. Sounds awful but I can soon brighten it with pots that more or less will look after themselves once planted in the spring.