Where's our Gina??????

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  1. ............

  2. ummm S'mom, whatcha doing up so late? ;)
  3. ^^You BOTH are up LATE?? Whatch both doing...how are you feeling CB?
  4. we should all be sleeping... *yawn* g'nite!
  5. Hey NHL! I'm feeling better!!! Don't know why I'm still up. :upsidedown:

    'Night H_L
  6. I just got back after going out with my GFs and drank alot of black tea, so I'm up and won a couple hundred bucks...so I'm WIDE awake (I'll pay for it tomorrow!!):crybaby:
  7. :yahoo: Woohoo!!!! Go NHL!

    So...did Gina get something? What's up? :popcorn:
  8. I'm happy, just had a great night! :smile:

    I'm going to TRY to go nity-night now...sleep tight...
  9. Good night NHL! I'm off to bed too...guess we'll see what's going on in the morning! :smile:
  10. I was wondering the same about our dear Croissant. I did send her a PM and she is fine and well and sends everyone her love. She is just taking a short break from the evil enablers but will be back soon.
  11. ^I've missed Croissant. Glad to hear she's well.
  12. Sorry ladies...we can't start threads like this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.