Where's my handheld mirror????

  1. I was just browsing Ebay and looked at one of the auctions for Cambon make-up cases. The seller said that her case came with a handheld mirror!!!!! Well, I have the same case and I didn't get the mirror (I did buy it when it was additional 50% off the sale price though)! And I got it from Saks (just like she did!!!!).

    Is that true that Chanel make-up cases come with a small mirror? I can't believe CHANEL would sell an accessory with something missing and not tell the customer (even though it was on sale)!!!!! :censor:

    Here's that auction:
  2. Here's the case that I bought with NOOOOO mirror!
    makeup3.1.JPG makeup1.1.JPG makeup2.1.JPG
  3. I have no mirror either and this is my 2nd makeup case.
    interesting. someone should call chanel and ask.
  4. are you sure that auction is authentic?
  5. mine came with mirror
  6. Really? Do you have the same exact case (Cambon?)? Where did you buy it?

  7. That's a good point but Chanel4me83 bought hers with a mirror! I am confused. Do the mirrors just get lost?
  8. That is strange! Maybe the mirrors get lost and then they put them on sale.
  9. That person is a PF member, I recognize the ebay ID.

    Anna, I hope you get your mirror if it came with one! I would feel so jipped if I didnt have a mirror, even if I bought it on sale!
  10. ^Good to know, I didn't even look at the auction . . just thought maybe a fake one came w/ and an authentic one didn't. . . looks like that idea is wrong anyhow. . .
    Interesting! I'd want one too!
  11. Wow, I would be piping mad if something was missing from my bag. I agree I would definitely try to contact either the Saks where you purchased it, or the Chanel 1-800 number. Even if it was on sale that does not mean that its okay, your SA should have least told you. It is possible she didn't know though(then she didn't do her homework).
  12. im really pissed now. I have one from the hawaii store and one from Saks and neither came with a damn mirror....a mirror MAKES SENCE.
    im calling customer service tommorrow and demanding two mirrors.
    I knew I shoulda bought the case from boca raton when someone mentioned they had heaps of them a few weeks ago...AHHHH.
  13. same one, I bought it at the boutique at the Wynn in Vegas last year