Wheres my baggggggggg?

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  1. I purchased the blush patent from Lisa Hamlin in Neiman Marcus and it was supposed to be shipped off to me on sunday...it still hasnt reached! Am dying for it...I gave her my details and called her cell number which I got from over here in the forum and she still hasnt replied...is that a normal thing???
  2. I would call the store,that happened to me with Saks I was waiting for my Chanel to come and it never did,so I called the store and the girl never shipped it. It came over night once I called.
  3. Anytime I have had a bag shipped to me it has always been overnight or second air. I find it odd that it would take this long to receive the bag. Definitly call her again.
  4. I think they use FedEx so it may not have been shipped until Monday. They usually send via 2-day unless you request overnight so you should have received it yesterday. I would give them a call.
  5. Yes, NM doesn't ship on Saturday or Sunday. It prob. went out on Monday, and unless you asked for Overnight or 2day, it'll be Fedex Ground. Depends on where you live, it'll take up to 4-5 days.
    But call Lisa agian, she's usually really good at calling people back. She may not have gotten your message by chance.
  6. I live on the east coast and it takes 4 days for me to get anything Lisa sends to me, and unless you ask for 2 day, it is shipped ground. So, you should get it today or tomorrow.