where's my bag?

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  1. ive been a seller on ebay for some time now, and finally bought something.
    however that was 12 days ago and i have still not recieved it!
    i knew that she was waiting for the cheque to clear before goods dispatched as stated in her selling rules, ive checked my account and the cheque cleared 3 days ago-or something like that, so i emailed her asking when i would recieve as id seen my money had been taken and she reply'd by saying' i will post as soon as i have chance'!
    im dont mean to nag her, but i bought that bag sent payment immediatly and should not have to wait this long, her feedback is good, but whats annoying is that ive been looking on her feedback regularly and people keep leaving good feedback...recently...meaning they are recieving there goods but im not!
    i dont no what to do, should i send her another message and if so saying what?
    the last msg i sent was wed saying i was going away next wednesday so if she could kindly have the bag posted by then i would be ever so greatfull!
    any answers would be appreciated, im getting worried!
  2. Is she in the UK or US? Or somewhere else alltogether?
  3. Look at the feedback again see when the auctions closed in comparison to when the other buyers have left feedback to ensure they haven't had to wait..... but even so 12 days is long enough . I would send a message stating that you need a day/date of postage and would appreciate a tracking number when she posts the bag. As a seller she should be provideing you with an excellent buying service and if there is a delay which at times there can be she needs to be explaining this to you not just saying "i'll post when i get chance" (this is crap customer service) Keep us posted and goodluck :yes:
  4. Definitely contact her and be honest about your concerns which are entirely reasonable given the time lapse. I would see how she responds to that email before deciding what to do next, but I would certainly tell her I was getting worried and ask for an update on dispatch.
  5. If the check just cleared 3 days ago, I wouldn't worry. She technically has 7 days to post after the check clears (according to Paypal).
  6. are you both in the same country? If your check cleared 3 days ago I bet you'll see it any day, especially if its the same country
  7. I agree w/ April.

    If your payment only cleared 3 days ago, it's not like she's late at this point.
    She could've been more friendly of course, but it's too early to worry IMO.
    eBay gives the Seller 30 days to ship BTW.
  8. the check may have cleared your account but until it clears through paypal it wont show cleared. This could but what is taking so long. paypal says 5-7 business days for echecks to clear.
  9. Does ebay give the seller 30 days to ship or 30 days for it to arrive? Does anyone know where I can find this in writing. I looked at the HELP section in ebay but could not find it.
  10. it's confusing and really sad that eBay allows 30 days!
  11. When I said 7 days, that's the Paypal rule, not Ebay's. I assumed she paid w/ Paypal.
  12. hi thanks girlie's, ill message her with my concerns, hopefully illl get my bag....soon!

  13. NEVER MIND!!! I should have read ALL the responses before responding!!!! LOL

    Can you post where it says that on eBay? I looked and cant find it.

    I too have mentioned this to others, because I have seen it here before.

    But recently someone posted that, that isnt true.

    Im so confused on some of this stuff!