Where's Jill with her jumbo

  1. I thought Jill was picking up a jumbo today - where is she?:shrugs:
  2. LOL....Didnt get it yet....Had a nasty Doctors appmt..(took stitches out..YUCK...Prob will go tomorrow if I can...
  3. How are your "girls" doing - are you feeling better now?
  4. ^EH...didnt have the best DR appmt atually.....may need another procedure to even them out.sucks
  5. even them out? I hope you are ok?
  6. Oh Jill I'm so sorry to hear that - I hate that for ya.
  7. Oh Jill, I am sorry to hear that your girls need to be even out....Keep us posted pls...hope this will be a perfect fix!
  8. I hope you don't have to have more surgery, maybe the swelling hasn't gone down completely.
    Good luck!
  9. Girls, don't you all think it would be fun to have a thread devoted to Jill and her latest escapades?

  10. don't worry bud, they will even out..they look amazing!!!
    just think, you look HOT now and wait its all over and healed...scared of you...i can see it now, we will be off shopping or having drinks and all the attention will be on you KWIM...lol
  11. Jill Who did you see for your apt? Just want to know if it was the same one I had for a different procedure, lol.
  12. Jill, I just got my stitches out a couple weeks ago. **Not fun** I feel sooo bad for you too. The scar on my leg is awful, and I wanted to show my legs a little bit for the summer season coming up and there's this huge scar there that's not fully healed yet. I am such a clumsy person.
  13. Hey it takes a while I had mine done june 12 06 and they are still settling one might do it before the other hang in there dont do anything hasty it really takes quite a while I know the summer is right around the corner but just wait I went through the same thing and I drove my poor husband crazy xxS