Where's George?

  1. Anybody participating? I got my first bill today. Or should I say I noticed it today. It's a fun idea. Interestingly, I had been thinking about the path of currency just a couple days earlier.
  2. I've been into this for a few years. You should see where some of my bills end up. It's so cool, I even got a stamp with the web address on it!
  3. what is it?
  4. It's a currency tracking website. If you get a bill with www.wheresgeorge.com on it, it's registered to the site, you can go on and log the bill. You can also log your own bills, but you must spend them, you may not deposit them, as this alters the results. It's fun to see where your money ends up (or where it came from). I'm in FL, so my bills are everywhere. For Canadians, there's where's willy to track Canadian money.
  5. We love that site!

    My kids check it about once a week to see where their dollars have traveled to.
  6. that's cute!
  7. There is a site in Germany where they track Euros but I don't recall the name...
  8. I too have been participating for about 6 yrs now. I love it and always feel like I just recieved the golden ticket everytime I get one, it so much fun to see where he's traveled. the online website even breaks it down into miles.
  9. Had no idea about this! Need to start checking my george's
  10. I did this a few years ago by writing my email address on the bill, ROFL!!
  11. ^^^ ooh you're brave, you could've been spammed to death :p What were the results?
  12. Haha that's cool! I wouldn't do it though.
  13. We get bill with all kinds of crazy stuff written on them. Math problems, phone numbers (crank called a few LOL), to and from notes, and of wheres george. I didn't know we had this in canada. Will def do that next time I go home.
  14. Hey tht sounds fun! But I bet they don't call it where's willy in the UK! :lol: