Where's Ciao Ciao?? <Silly question>

  1. OK, Adios is all over almost all the different styles of Toki bags... but is Ciao Ciao only on the L'amore? Or am I going blind?
  2. I know Ciao Ciao is on the Spiaggia!! She's right next to the woman sitting in the white bikini!! I have Ciao Ciao right on the front of my zucca...
  3. you're going blind :lol: if you want a ciao ciao I can tell you that all my Macy's and Nordstrom's pretty much have them at one point. They're popular but not as popular as other styles so I think we still have several. The Spectrum Nordstroms in Irvine had citta ones last time I went
  4. I think she meant the character Ciao Ciao!! :yes:
  5. No, no, not the Ciao Ciao style bag. Ciao Ciao the character. Adios's girlfriend.
  6. A-ha. I don't have a Spiaggia yet... and I've managed to miss that on the one's I've seen.
  7. If you go to the first page of the tokidoki collections part 2 thread, my zucca will be there so you can see. It's kind of like "Where's Waldo?" *lol*

    Edit: And now looking at the photos, Ciao Ciao is centered on the back of the zucca!
  8. oooooooooooooooo... haha :lol: I read it too fast. Yupp I think she's only on spiaggia and amore... isn't she a fairly recent character?
  9. NOW I see her on the Spiaggia! It really is like a Where's Waldo.
  10. That's what my aunt calls my tokis...the Where's Waldo bags.
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. ciaociao and adios should have a kid!....what's the half way point between hello and goodbye?...:huh:
  13. Halfway point... "I'm here." Hahaha.

    "Hello. I'm here. Goodbye."
  14. OMG...that would be so cute! Adios and ciaociao are my favs. Their baby should be called "gradito"...which is "welcome" in italian.
  15. Ohhhh!! Yes, CiaoCiao is on Amore and Spiaggia :smile: I got so excited when she appeared!! :nuts:

    They have a cat named Skeletrino!! (See my sig) She's right next to CiaoCiao in the pic!