Where's Bagged Kat??? Help!!

  1. Tried asking on eBay discussion, but only buyers respond - and not all are kindly.

    I need advice on responding politely to a potential buyer asking my reserve price on a high end item.

    This is my first, and it's costing good money to sell it, so I'm a little nervous.

    What do I say?

    To Tell, or Not to Tell...

    That is the questions.
  2. You should probably PM her directly instead of posting here.
  3. I know quite a few sellers that will tell you the reserve price, sometimes it is a good thing....
  4. Hi. It's up to you. I would tell her, but if it's for the item you mentioned on eBay, just let it go. Tell her you don't want to tell her. That is, if you want to sell it for more than the reserve, whatever that might be...
  5. What can I help you with? :smile: