Where'd you go to college?

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  1. Just thought it would be fun to see what school everyone graduated or will graduate from.

    I'll go first- University of Miami c/o '07. Go Canes!
  2. University of Hawaii c/o '07... see below. :yahoo:
  3. University of New Orleans, Loyola New Orleans, University of Alabama at Birmingham, back to University of New Orleans and finally graduated. Then to LSU School of Law, dropped out after two days. Then went back to UNO to pursue my CPA. Changed my mind early on into the semester. Then went to two different court reporting schools for what seems like an eternity (and is actually longer than all the other schools combined.)

    Yep, I changed schools a lot. Guess I have ADD.
  4. University of Massachusetts : 2007
  5. Boston University: 2006
  6. University of Tampa: 2009
  7. Queen's University
    and soon-to-be-in-two-years Loyalist College/Brock University !
  8. UCLA/Cal Tech
  9. Willamette University 1994
    University of Hawaii 1996, 2001
  10. Me too :smile:
  11. Florida Atlantic University c/o 2002

  12. University of Sonora, UNISON (Mexico) Class of 2003
    2001-2007 (haha, I know, it took awhile!)

    Go Beavers!
  14. current student at The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia - I'll graduate in May!

    And EmilyK, check the sig. Your season isn't going to be perfect come January 1st :-P
  15. University of Sydney, Australia, Class of 2000 :smile: