Where'd the Summer Sig. Stripe Tote Colors go?

  1. That was my mom's favorite Coach bag of all time, and now her favorite color combo(Khaki/Parchment) has gone away. Did it go to the outlets already, or can she still get it somewhere else? TIA!
  2. umm.....I just bought my mom the khaki/parchment sig stripe swingpack 2 weeks ago at our local Coach store. Is it gone from the website or your local Coach store? Maybe its still available if you order through CS?
  3. The k/p swingpack is still availible on the website.(I have it,too!) But the tote only has the new colors on the website.
  4. Call JAX-- you should still be able to order the Khaki/Parchment tote from them. A lot of time all of the colors aren't on the website-- I was able to get the Crimson Stripe Tote by calling JAX this spring, and it wasn't on the website then.

    Good luck!
  5. I did the same thing, they had crimson at Jax even though it wasn't in stores. You can also order it through your store. Just go in and tell them the size and color you are looking for and they can have it shipped to you.
  6. does anyone know if monogramming is still available on the totes? I can't find the option on the website!