1. where do you all buy your bbags from? I've been looking online for UK sites.. but dont know what to trust. This question seems stupid but i'm stuck! thanks :yahoo:
  2. I bought my caramel first here on the marketplace before it shut down and the ink twiggy from ebay.
  3. how can you trust ebay though? i hear so many horror stories....
  4. I got mine from ebay, friends and PF members :biggrin:
  5. thanks for replying :smile:
  6. Aloha Rag or Barneys NY or Beverly Hills, Ebay is great for older colors if
    you can authentic it, several pf members are also ebay sellers :smile:
  7. Sorry--I should have mentioned that you have to email them to get a list of colours and styles available. They don't have pictures on their site because apparently people were stealing the images.

    Their email link is available via the above link.

    Best of luck!
  8. I got mine from a lovely PF member!
  9. Balenciaga NY (which, I believe, ships worldwide) & a lovely PF member!
  10. yeah!!! i got my twiggy from Balenciaga NY - they ship all over the world and i got my city from Aloha Rag... and they ship for free ALL over the world...


    good luck on your search
  11. pf members :smile:
  12. Hi helenNZ, im in AUS:yes: , im thinking of getting a twiggy from overseas, how much did you pay for the duty & tax for the balenciaga:P ?
  13. Check out Aloha Rag and Balenciaga NY.
  14. hey ya!
    congrats on winning the league! :shame:
    i paid $1055 US Dollars for my Twiggy from Balenciaga NY and shipping was $70 US dollars SUPER FAST EXPRESS.... tax was about $350 NZ Dollars... my first b-bag cost me about roughly $2040 NZ Dollars.... i think there's a place in Oz that sells b-bags..... someone posted their link..... a place being with c something.... i'll try and hunt for it and paste it in this thread......

    Hmmm, was it a good idea to reveal all my costs????? HA HA... who cares!!??? i'm having SO much fun on this FORUM!!! I love you PF...

    You should SO get a twiggy! they're great!!!
    what colour are thinking about getting???

    FUN i just love talking and learning about b-bags!!!!