1. so i'm SUCH a small time collector compared to you all, but my eyeballs are now currently suction cupped to the name balenciaga.

    please share with me where you ladies buy your bags?

    stores, websites, eBay?

    what experiences have you had that were good/bad?

    what do YOU suggest for someone who is thinking of saving up for one? :girlsigh: thanks!
  2. i bought them at various places, brand new at stores, used at eBay adn consignment store
  3. I've purchased either straight from BalNY or Aloha Rag, and some NM & Saks carry them...

    Check out the http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/faq-about-balenciaga-bags-120649.html & http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/stores-now-carrying-b-bags-31358.html threads to check with questions about what stores around you carry bbags or websites that do... (Just use the search function w/ your location...)

    eBay is great for items that may no longer be in stores, or consignment websites like annsfabulousfinds.com or realdealcollection.com, etc...

    Also... as far as suggestions, I don't think anyone could go wrong with a Black City! I don't know what colors you have in your collection, but I have always loved Bal's blues, and their reds are stealing a place in my heart as well...

    Whew, hope I helped with as many ??s as possible! Good luck! :smile:
  4. Nm, Barneys, Aloha Rag Be Careful When Buying From Ebay.
  5. I've bought both of mine from BalNY. I haven't had to pay tax or s/h on either so it was a flat rate.

    I'm scared of ebay. I don't know if I'll ever go that route to be honest... I'm scared even buying stuff on there for $20 nevermind what a bbag would cost! But lots of ladies have had success :yes:
  6. ebay petrifys me when it comes to a purchase like that.

    i guess they're not really sold online?
  7. ^^^Aloharag.com. They will email you a list and pictures of the one youre interested in. Otherwise, you'll need to call the store if you want to buy it elsewhere.
  8. I've bought from Bal NY, Barney's, ebay -- I'm an equal opportunity splurger. I think there are a couple of on-line resale sites that are very good, too. I daydream about the great consignment store find, but so far it has eluded me. It is my quest!

    I personally have had good luck with e-bay, but I've been very careful and always listened to advice about authenticity from the experts. Usually, by the time a bag has caught my eye, it has already been checked and vetted in the "Authenticate This Balenciaga" thread.For a first Balenciaga, I'd buy from an authorized seller, though. And I'd probably choose Barney's or NM for ease of return just in case.
  9. well i live in stinking maine, so there's nowhere close to go :crybaby: not even to look :crybaby:
  10. I usually get it from aloha rag or diabro.net (lately after i joined this forum and heard abt diabro)....alternatively, i go locally at the balenciaga store but not much variety. As for the consignment shops here, balenciaga is still not so common as compared to LVs, gucci, chanel, etc...i seldom got the chance to find a rare one from the consignment shop......:smile:
  11. see in maine i dont see many people with the knowledge of handbags. i think it would BLOW my mind if i found one in a consignment shop around here!