Where your H bag sits in the car?

  1. Calling all experts.. Where do your H bag sit when you are in the car driving?

    It's ok when I am alone and no passenger, H bag sits next to me. I tried to sit Ms Kelly on her 4 feet but am worried she might topple over and I got her to sit on her side... Which way do you sit your H bag? :confused1:

    When there are passengers, the seat infront is taken, so I have to put her at the back.. or I put her next to me - btwn me and the car door.. I know this question sounds silly, but where do you put your bag? I refused to put her on the floor, so she has to be seated but where??

    TIA :flowers:

    I offically used Ms Kelly as a "work bag". I love it! :heart: :heart: She is perfect!!! Makes me want to go out and buy more Kelly 32s!! *wishing money grows on trees*
  2. on a white hand towel
  3. I put her on a nice soft, plush mat on the floor. I never leave the bag on the passenger seat!!! Can't risk a smash and grab...I would be devastated! Too much risk.
  4. I put mine on the floor...in the back seat...between the 2 passenger seats. That way I can reach around and grab it, but, it isn't oblivious. Also, it doesn't move around as much in that spot. Has to be a really hard brake!
  5. and bag on the white towel, on the seat? on the floor?

    Me too, will be devastated... on the floor in front, or behind? So far my current car, I don't ferry much people in it, just my furbabies (see siggy) and maybe occasionally my DH ;)

    That's where I put my non-H bags when there are passengers infront and occasionally when there are passengers behind. So should I go invest in some nice plush carpet for Princess?
  6. Found one for PrincessFrog

  7. Mine usually sits in the seat next to me and when occupied, in the middle of the backseat.....
  8. Shoes: Aren't you worried if the bag will topple? I dislike back seats.. when I put my bag in the backseat and the stupid phone rings when I am driving! Urgh! It always happen to me, just like when you washed your car and the bird will poop on it! Urgh! :cursing:
  9. Inbetween the door and me, if the other seat is occupied....or in the passenger seat, if I am alone. Even with the HAC, there seems to be enough room between the door and me.

    Great question, tho, about it riding in the back seat.....seems safe for the bag, but what if you need something in a hurry. You *could* carry your wallet and cell up front with you, but it seems a little complicated to me:confused1:

    My DH, who appreciates my Hermes suggested that there be a console inbetween the two seats large enough to hold even a Birkin 35. Why put a drink tray there? Why put gear shifts there? They could be put elsewhere:yes: leaving this space for something more important.
  10. when alone, in the passenger seat. when the seat is occupied, i either lay it flat in my lap (flat bag!), between my seat and my door, or i have my passenger hold it. :smile:
  11. When I'm alone, it's on the passenger seat. If I need to do hard braking, my left hand instantaneously flies out to "seatbelt" it. (it's right hand drive where I am)

    If I'm ferrying my DH, it seats on his lap, and DH becomes its seatbelt in times of need.

    Never ever on the floor
  12. Urm (scuffing feet on ground sheepishly), I've solved the problem by carrying as few passengers as possible.

    So my bag sits on the front seat. So far it hasn't toppled. Oh wait, it did once when some twerp swung out of his lane at high speed without checking his mirrors, and into my lane. I had to do a mega emergency stop.
  13. I am able to do that too, btwn the door and me, but I am only worried about the leather being "rubbed" the wrong way...

    I tried putting my kelly on the space btwn 2 seats and behind the handbrake, it sits well, until I speed up or braked.. the bag topple to the back... so .. back to square one.

    I drove a Ford Taurus that had handgears (so many years ago).. that is on/near the steering wheel.. it took me a while to get used to.. that "gearbox" position should have a bag console :biggrin:

    But in my DH's car, that space is also used for the car's ignition key. So when I drive his car, I need to stick to "door and me" space for Ms Kelly.

    It seems we all have the same question, where to put our bag :biggrin:
  14. Alternatively you could lie the bag down on the back seat behind the passenger seat, with the handles facing forward. I used to do that. This way, if the phone rings or you need to grab something, you can always just reach for it more easily than if it were on the seat behind you.
  15. I either put it on the passenger seat (although what Kellybag said about smash and grab happens where I live, so I shouldn't) or on the lap of the passenger!:p