where you buy the cheapest LV (from a store)

  1. my family is going on a holiday through europe in june-july without me:cry: cos im studying a fashion course but anyway getting off topic, they promissed to buy me a lv cos im missing out on the trip im thinking of getting either a keepall or the new carryall (in monongram canvas of course) in australia they are both around $1400 with a 9% tax discount when they fly overseas, so it will be around $1250 they are going to England, France, Italy, and Greece (god i hate them lol) does anyone know which of these countries would have the cheapest prices lv and if you hapen to know the return tax discount. At the moment im assuming its France becuase it is its birth country, and i have hear roumours they have a factory outlet in Paris this sounds too good to be true, any help would be appreciated thanks!
  2. France definitely. I don't know what the VAT (Value Added Tax) is now. Last time I bought LVs in Paris was 5 years ago. I'd say at least 10% off.

    I am not sure about an LV outlet, never hear of it and I know LVs NEVER go on sale or are sold at a discount.
  3. I think Italy is slightly cheaper.
  4. thanks guys, i am sceptical about an outlet lv store as well as i said it sounds too good to be true. why would Italy be cheaper?
  5. France and Italy.
  6. It's definitely cheapest in France!! My friend recently went to Italy and the prices in Italy are at least 30-40 Euros more expensive than the prices in France. In both Italy & France, you'll get about 12% tax refund as a visitor. So, you'll end up saving a lot since the price incl taxes in France is already cheaper than the price without taxes in US. You can check out the prices in France at www.louisvuitton.com. Hope this helps!
  7. omg thanks guys this has helped heaps i cant wait to own my first lv bag
  8. hey do u guys know if the web prices are the same as the store prices?
  9. The prices on the LV website for France should be the same as the actual price in store!
  10. because thats a really decent saving the carryall would be $986 thats a huge saving!! im so excited now lol
  11. At least in Amsterdam, they are :biggrin: And the carryall (mono) is around Euro 700 with tax...'

    Edit: is 675 Euros tax included ;)
  12. France is definitely cheaper than italy by more or less 5% plus less the tax rebate... good luck! Web brice of france is the same as store prices-- now that I am aware of the prices I can't even bbuy LV stuff from other countries except europe.... In my country it's 30A% more expensive... grrr.....
  13. Yippie ! I can't wait until I go to France ! :biggrin:
  14. France is definitely more cheaper