Where would you rather live?

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  1. Beverly Hills.

    San Diego or San Jose?
  2. San Diego

    Orlando or Daytona Beach?
  3. Daytona Beach.

    Montana or Alaska?
  4. Montana

    Napa Valley or Santa Maria?
  5. Napa Valley

    Dallas or Houston?
  6. Dallas for sure...hate Houston....

    Finland or Greece?
  7. Finland.

    Miami or Orlando?
  8. Miami.

    Brooklyn or Long Island?
  9. Long Island (used to live there).

    Boston or Cape Cod?
  10. Boston.

    Milwauke or Chicago?
  11. Chicago.

    Denver or Phoenix?
  12. Denver.

    Oklahoma City or Tulsa (OK)?
  13. Oklahoma City

    New Mexico or Texarkana?
  14. New Mexico

    New Hampshire or Maine?
  15. Maine.

    New Orleans or Atlanta?