Where would you rather live?

  1. michigan

    puerto rico or costa rica?
  2. Live: PR, visit: costa rica

    In a cold or warm climate
  3. i'm tired of the texas heat right now, so i'll say cold!

    austria or morocco?
  4. Austria.

    Venezuela or Peru?
  5. Peru.

    Mauritius or Cyprus?
  6. Mauritius.

    Hawaii or Japan?
  7. Hawaii, I love it there!
    Caribbean island or Hawaiian island?
  8. Hawaiian island.

    Egypt or Morocco?
  9. Egypt

    El Salvador or Guatemala?
  10. hmmmm...blindly guessing guatemala

    northern or southern italy
  11. the north

    Europe or Asia?
  12. Europe.

    Portugal or Ireland?
  13. Portugal

    Los Angeles or Chicago
  14. LA

    North or south pole?
  15. North? Tough one..lol.

    Cuba or Haiti?