Where would you rather live?

  1. Jordan.

    Europe or North America?
  2. Europe.

    North Dakota or South Dakota?
  3. I have no idea! North Dakota maybe...

    in the northern or the southern hemisphere?
  4. Southern

    Tasmania or Indonesia
  5. Indonesia-Bali..if I had a say in it.

    Tahiti or Hawaii?
  6. Hawaii

    HK or France?
  7. France.

    Australia or Monaco?
  8. Monaco

    Private island or the moon?
  9. Island.

    Mexico or Iceland?
  10. Mexico

    Monaco or Portugal?
  11. Monaco.

    Peru or Dubai?
  12. Peru.

    NYC or LA?
  13. NYC.

    Next door to your parents or the next state over?
  14. next door

    same q
  15. Next door.

    Ohio or Missouri?