Where Would YOU Live?

  1. If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be? And why?

    Me....I would choose London. I love cities, hate beaches, hate super warm weather, and love shopping! Plus I'm Canadian, so I alreayd have the whole Queen thing down!
  2. well, i guess i am moving to washington (close to bellevue or seattle).. I prefer a place that doesnt have too much sun, coz it is bad for my eyes, especially when I am driving.. also, I prefer the weather to be around 60-65 degrees, no snow, not hot, but just perfect.. preferably, no volcano nearby too.. lol n none near the waters..
  3. I would love to live in Vermont or upstate New York, because I love cooler weather, country areas, but I would be close to NYC for shopping and weekend excursions! If I was going to live overseas it would be either Scotland, France, or England.

    We have talked about moving to Canada.
  4. I definitely love Canada....hubby & I talk about moving back there after I finish my PhD (there are a couple good universities in Canada where I could work). I miss it...mostly the people, not so much the city where I was from!
  5. I want to move to France...spent the summer there last year and cant wait to go back to the Riviera....sigh....
  6. San Diego, California
  7. San Diego is great! When I lived in Cali my hubby & I wanted to live there (or Monterey!). Perfect weather....not as expensive as San Francisco (well some areas aren't!), great shopping *sigh*
    I'd take almost anywhere but Indiana right now lol
  8. Boston, Mass
    i live in CT right now and have been thinking about moving for a little while now. ever since i first went to Boston when i was little i fell in love with the city and go as much as i can!
  9. Ohhhhh...Monterey is beautiful, too! I love the fact that it doesn't rain much in the summer there (unlike here in NY). I went to San Diego last year and San Francisco earlier this year and I just loved how laid-back everything was there! NY is CRAZY compared to Cali! So, I'm thinking of moving there eventually...
  10. Definetly somewhere on the east coast. Virginia or D.C. or Pennsylvania. I love the feel feel and culture of the towns on the east coast.
  11. Maybe Italy ... Florence? Or Paris?

    I'll just decide when I get to that point in my life. :lol:
  12. I'm living there now. Hailey Idaho. Beautiful little town (pop. 6,200), just 12 miles south of Sun Valley. Gorgeous mountains all around. Beautiful winters, not too hot in the summer, great house, gardens, green house, wood-heated sauna, love it!
  13. Somewhere near the ocean. I love the calming sound of the ocean. Used to live in Monterrey, CA, and have longed to go back ever since.
  14. I love the beach so I would choose anywhere with a beautiful beach and hot weather. Sigh...
  15. me too. i visited france when i was in high school and fell in love. i would love to live in aix en provance or nice.

    that or somewhere tropical. mmmm fiji.