Where would you have it signed?

  1. If you were to have an item (bag, toy, etc) signed where would you have it signed?

    (kinda asking for my SS gift mwah ha ha ha ha ha mew)
  2. I would say the flyer or toy...idk about on bags, I just dont know lolz. When I saw Simone I couldn't get my bag signed, i just felt...why would I do that? LOL. I did however get my wallet signed, but that's different cuz it's black hahahaah..OO:huh:ooo how about a shirt? that would be cool. I got my bf's shirt signed on the back haha.
  3. Oh wow..nice SS gift. I vote for having the actual item signed:smile:
  4. jessaka: haha I forgot to ask about clothes also :smile: do you think a person would wear a signed shirt tho? or would it just be something to save
  5. hmm...well I know i would wear it lolz...for special occasions I guess. Ahh nvm you do raise a good point haha. It might come off when you try to wash it or something. Hmm. Maybe not do that then hahaha. I guess the difference was my bf wanted his shirt signed haha probably cuz he can't use it anyway...
  6. I think a signed toy would be the best bet.
  7. tvstar: I agree about the toys :smile: but how do you feel about plushies? I've had them signed in the past and I thought it was fine but I also was curious as to other people's opinions :smile:
  8. Plushies would be cool too IMO. I wish the tokidoki plushies were out..I saw a pic of Mozzerella and I am in love with him:smile:
  9. I might get the inside of my bag signed. I don't think I'd like the outside signed so much. Getting a vinyl signed would be cool, but does it .. come out well on plushes? It seems like markers would bleed, no?
  10. I voted for the toy/plushy because it would last longer. :biggrin:
  11. Hmm it depends on whether is a toy or a plushie or shirt.. etc! In my opinion, toys are great for signing! But for plushies and bags.. they're kinda iffy. Tags for plushies and.. I dont know if I want a bag signed! haha it would be GREAT but what if the bag gets dirty and you need to wash it and OMG ITS SIGNED SO I DONT WANT TO WASH IT ~ LOL I have thoughts like that :lol:

    Great idea for your SS!!

    tvstar - Is Mozzarella a boy or a girl...? I always thought Mozzarella was a SHE.. :shrugs:
  12. I think of Mozzarella as a girl as well lol...idk why.
  13. On the toy/plushie/inside of bag are nice. Personally if I ever go to signing again, I will bring good/archive quality paper and has Simone draw on it. Last time I went, I had Simone draw on the printer paper Nordstroms passed out for one of my items. It would be nicer on better paper.
  14. Tokidoki Stationary?
  15. Just good quality white paper, so I can frame it. That's just my personal preference. Probably because I have my bags signed and I don't really get to enjoy it. But with a drawing, I can frame it and look at it.