where would you go to buy this?

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  1. I have been wanting to buy a necklace made of 18k white gold and 3 carats or so of diamonds in this style, diamonds by the yard....

    i saw one at a local jeweler with small stones in it (1-2 carats) and they said it was around $2500...so my necklace would likely be around $6,000...

    this actual one is one i saw on eBay for a fifth avenue nyc wholesaler jeweler...2.20 carats for $3,000....where would you go to buy this and get a great price? thanks!
  2. I don't know where to go for a good price, but maybe if you have any coupons from Bloomies, Saks or NMs you might be able to apply them toward the purchase of a similar necklace. I have a much shorter one very similar to this by Roberto Coin. It originally cost about $1200 and with my coupons (from using my Bloomies CC) I paid about $600.

    It's very pretty. I hope you get it!
  3. thanks! i am leaning towards this one at blue nile which is reputable, 5 cts for 5600...seems like a good value and gorgeous IMO...hopefully it will keep its value? maybe these are smaller diamonds though...the point originally is to have bigger diamonds, i will have to sleep on it maybe
  4. i don't know the price but i have seen some pictures on pricescope of dby style necklaces that have been made by whiteflash.
  5. Haute Couturess, I think Blue Nile is a good choice. I've never ordered from them, but have read positive feedback on other jewelry forums. I know what you mean about the size of the diamond, bigger really is better! The ones on my Roberto Coin necklace are very tiny and they are pretty, but it's an everyday necklace, not a special occasion necklace, like the one you're leaning towards.

    Another poster recommended looking at www.pricescope.com. That's a great idea.
  6. thanks leelee....blue nile was recommended to me by a very frugal person who admitted even she would buy from them because they are trustworthy and i think she invests in them...i will check out the one you recommended though. thanks!
  7. I have heard good things about Blue Nile too.... and that one looks like a lot of diamond for the money! I just got a more delicate looking one with only a carat worth in it and it was well over $2,000 at Nordstrom, so for 5 carats at under $6k sounds like a steal! They had the Roberto Coin ones there too... but the one on Blue Nile looks nicer than the Coin ones they were showing me at Nordstom. The great thing is, if you get it and want to return it, you can! And no sales tax! And free shipping! So you've really got nothing to lose by ordering that one.