Where would the date code be on my LV?

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  1. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and am so happy to have found it! Hopefully someone could help me figure this out. A couple of years ago I purchased a Vive-cite GM from the Louis boutique. After reading threads on ebay and this forum about what makes a Louis authentic, etc...I decided I need to be more educated about my lovely bags and started to examine them. What is with the date code and does anyone know where I would find it on this particular bag? I am just curious!!
  2. the date code identifies when the bag was made.. if there is an inside pocket chances are i its in there. If so it will be down the seam and may be hard to see.

  3. Thank you! I finally found it inside the inside of an inside pocket (if that makes sense) and it is so hard to see that I can hardly make out the letters and numbers...I am assuming that if the date code ends in 003, that is the year it was made. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  4. The 1st and 3rd number is the month and the 2nd and 4th number is the month. And I believe the 2 letters are where it was made. So there should be another number in your datecode but it was made in 2003.