Where would one buy a real tiara?

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  1. Kind of a random, silly question, but I was browsing thru the resurrected "Royalty & their jewelry" thread and I love the tiaras!

    Any searches I've ever done on google just turn up bridal tiaras or charms, nothing for real tiaras of precious metals and gemstones.

    I think it would be fun to have a real tiara... something sparkly & pretty to pull out on my birthday or other special occasion.

    Is a tiara something one would have to custom order from a jeweler, or are there dedicated tiara makers out there that just don't advertise on the web? :P
  2. I would try going to a Christie's or Sotheby's fine jewelry auction, or possibly to a Harry Winston, Garrard, Cartier, or Bvlgari flagship, where at least they will tell the you the specifics about ordering one if they don't have one in stock.

    Tiaras are very expensive. Jewelers seem to love studding them with diamonds.

    Post pics if you get one! I'd love to see such diverse jewels on this forum. Does anyone else here own a precious tiara?
  3. I've seen them at the jewelry auctions of Christies & Sothebys.
  4. A custom jeweler?
    I have a goldsmith friend and I have always told her that when I get oodles of $$$, I will be commissioning Boris Vallejo style jewelry from her! Lol.....Tiara included!
  5. this title could very well be my favorite!
  6. Pretty sure Tiffany's has them. I've definitely seen a diamond/platinum headband at the 5th Ave. store before, they probably have tiaras too.
  7. You can probably commission jewelers to make one. I just saw one at Chaumet.
  8. The idea behind the original diamond tiara was that you could "unclip" portions of them and have assorted jewelry pieces to mix and match. Dress clips, broaches, bracelet, etc. And then they would all clip back together into the tiara that you could wear in your hair. So antique tiaras definitely have advantages. :biggrin:
  9. You have to find Prince Charming ( or a reasonable facsimile) and then he will bestow upon you a tiara that will officially proclaim you princess.:smartass: aren't I? :biggrin:
  10. oooooh... I would love to know!! :biggrin:
  11. Haha! I love it! :biggrin:

    Unfortunately if Price Charming is no where to be found, I suggest eBay. Or commission a local artist to make you one on Etsy.
  12. I'd commission my jeweller. Choose your design and go for it! I would definitely wear one in my home, and perhaps my birthday and anniversary lol
  13. Mikimoto has some lovely tiaras with pearls, diamonds, and sapphires. When I was in the NYC 5th Ave boutique in 2003, they took one out of the safe and let me try it on.

    The problem is, there are so few places where one can wear a tiara nowadays! :lolots:
  14. i want a tiara!! lol :P
  15. You don't wear a tiara to the grocery store? Home depot?

    Definitely vintage jewelry shops. Auctions of high end estates. and of course, the Southby's/Christies auctions.