Where would be the best place to get a patent Bays?


Feb 7, 2007
Brand new, preferably with a discount.
I don't like ebay or any sites of that kind. I was wondering if they have an outlet, I think they do in England, but will they ship to the US?
Online retailer would be the absolute best!

I didn't see a thread with online retailers wich is a bummer!
Also, I was wondering if the patent will be good in rain or snow? That's why I want a patent one.

Anyway, thanks!


Sep 20, 2008
Hi there, unfortunately outlets do not ship outside of the uk, the payment card must be registered to a uk address, otherwise I would have suggested the outlets as the best place to source one. So unfortunately I guess it's a matter of waiting to see if they go on sale in the us, I do not know the list of us retailers, hopefully someone else might be able to help. Also if you see one on eBay you can post the link in the authenticate thread, one of the girls will be able to tell you if it's authentic.

And yes patent works well in rain, haven't used it in snow, in rain you just wipe the rain off, stuff bag with tissue and leave to dry.
Wishing you well with your search.



May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
Yep I too would not discount Ebay as there are lots of genuine sellers still, just be sure to get it authenticated by our lovely girls.

Patent is fine in rain and snow! I used mine early this year during an unusual snowy time here and it was perfect, I just dry her off with the dust bag and no probs what soever.

The gorgeous new black patent I doubt will be discounted anywhere yet as its new season but it sure is mighty gorgeous and you can pick that up from Mulberry direct :smile:


Feb 11, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
I have a grey patent and I love it dearly - its very good for rainy days! I do not recall if we have been out in snow - yet!
With the patent I recommend that you do not leave the flap open and the handles hanging (i fold one handle over the other to keep them in place) otherwise it will wrinkle and crease (right word?) fast. I cannot help you with retailers, I bought mine from a Bloomingdales sale.

Edit: Oh I forgot to say good luck in your hunt! - btw is it any particular color you are after?
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