Where won't you carry your MJ?

  1. I went to a party over the weekend at a rock climbing gym, and of course I didn't take my MJ.

    I was just wondering what is off limits for all of in carrying your MJ's?

  2. amusement parks, the beach, and now...i made the mistake of taking it to a chargers game...any sport stadium
  3. basically anywhere where i know there are going to be HUGE crowds of people. like sporting events, disney, etc.
  4. Anywhere smokey is a no-go for my MJ, or any of my other good bags. :nogood:
  5. Outdoors when it's raining/snowing, the mountains (for outdoor activities), stadiums, the dog park, and certain crowded bars/restaurants.
  6. my mother's
  7. The hairdressers.In case they put hairspray or worse on it.

  8. ^^Cute!:roflmfao:
  9. I have been thinking about this subject a lot, lately. I commute to work on the train for an hour each way, then....when I finally get to work, I have to put my bag through a x-ray machine. The people just throw your bags down the rollers on the machine. I have cringed a few times when I have seen my bag go through. I am thinking that MJ may be off limits for work. Lately, I have been wearing my L.A.M.B. bags, because they are sturdier. Other than that problem, I try to stay away from the places already mentioned if I am wearing my MJ's. If am at a movie theater, it stays in my lap.
  10. Anywhere smokey. Le stink.
  11. Camping (can you imagine?:lol:)

    hmmmm. . .? IDK, I guess I don't go a lot of places I wouldn't carry MJ. I guess I might be really selective about what bag I brought to a bar.:heart:
  12. I agree. It's just a leather bag. :okay:As long as it's not raining, or I am not at the beach I am good. I go to work, shop and home. It's good.:girlsigh:
  13. i won't take my mj's to the bar. it's always too crowded, i don't want beer spilled on it, and they're all too big for a night out anyways.

    i love jira's answer. :lol:
  14. ^^ so do i! but unfortunately, i still live with my parents, so they've seen all of my purchases. and then i have to hear the "i wish you'd save your money" rant.
  15. ^ my parents come to visit me every month. my father will - no fail - make a comment about my new sweater, new shoes, new purse or what have you then he'll start on his infamous saving lecture. my mother won't say anyting though because she's a shopping nut/purse fanatic like me.