where will we be able to find famiglia, tutti, transporto, and vacanze?


Apr 19, 2007
besides pulse... does anyone know what stores and webstores will be selling these prints? will macy's be getting these? a lesportsac employee told me that they will no longer be carrying tokidoki after spiaggia. how about lesportsac online? thanks all!!! :wlae:
I heard the lesportsac site will be carrying famiglia and tutti, but trasporto and vacanze will only be available in dept stores like macys and nordstorm. I'm not 100% sure tho
Hmmmm, how can we find out for sure? :confused1: I'd like to know the answer myself so I know if I need to preorder anything or if I can pick it out myself.
I am sure retail stores will all be carrying that last four prints. Macys and Nordstrom will definitely have them. But just not certain whether the style you want will be there. Its almost impossible to find zucca in retail store. I'd never seen one before. I would just order online through online stores.