Travel where will I go on holidays

I will be travlling from Ireland , This year I want to do something totally different. I use to always head to Ibiza. But this year I want to see a nice Island. lol . Ibiza isnt the nicest.. The weather was quite dull. And people as very rude. and a lot of parts are full of rough peopl some times. dont get me wrong some lovely parts too.

I want to enjoy good sun. Nice People, Polite people lol. and have a relaxing holiday. And nice clean white beaches but still have something to do. as in what i dont know yet. lol. its just me and my Boyfriend so something romantic.

Dominican Republic Sounds nice. have to plan a holiday soon..O r will end up not able to go with work :sad:

Thanks Jill Sorry for putting the post in the wrong forum.


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Mar 25, 2006
My bf and I just got back from St. Lucia. The beaches were gorgeous, the people on and off the resort were extremley friendly, the weather was great, and I felt safe the entire time we were there. I definatley recommend looking into it. It was a fantastic vacation.