Where will Hermes open up next?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My obsession with Birkin is growing day by day after I got my first Birkin on my honeymoon trip to Paris this April. After going to the Paris main store everyday for 5 days I finally got my baby: A 30cm Birkin in gold with Palladium. Now I really want to spend my spare times going to the Hermes stores and checking out all the beautiful things they have.
    But I live in Austin TX and the closest Hermes to me are in Houston and Dallas which are both a long long drive away. So my question to all you ladies in the know is how do you find out where Hermes will open their next stores? Does anyone know if they'll be opening one in Austin anytime soon?

    thx :shame:
  2. Oh, that's one of my favorite Birkins! Congrats and your persistence paid off in a big way.
    Not sure if they're going to open in more stores in TX. Dallas is closest to you, right?
  3. Greentea I think our Chocolate mantra might be turning into a Gold rush mantra!
  4. At this point I'd take either and be ecstatic. Both are awesome colors!

    :love: Chocolate, Gold, Chocolate, Gold... :love:
  5. Whispa, take a minute to go to the Hermes website and email the corp. office in the USA. They get back to you real fast and they can answer that question for you. You will get all the info. you need there.
  6. Thanks for the info Kellybag, I'll make sure to do that right away :P
  7. Thanks Greentea! I do love it so much. It's still in it's sleeper and sleeping on the little pillow in the box everyday, 'cause I want my first time carrying it to be special. Gold is beautiful. and now.... save save save, so that maybe one day I'll have a croc !! :love:
  8. whispa777 - When will be "the first time"? ;) Isn't it a work of art? Too beautiful to carry, right? I think the gold is TDF!

    P.S. whispa - I graduated in the 90's from UT Austin! Go Longhorns!
  9. Relocate (kidding!)
  10. Hahahah :nuts: I used to be certain I want to live in San Fran. But my husband is afraid that earth quakes will kill us all so we're not going anywhere near San Fran. But Austin's going through a building boom right now, we're getting our first Neiman so who knows, maybe a Hermes in the near future is not a far stretch.
    I'll keep praying pray.gif