Where? Where?

  1. Since my first Birkin is due to arrive between now and who knows when, I've been thinking about where I will place it when dining out with my loved ones. I generally keep my purses on my shoulder, in my chair or on my lap. I was thinking the best place to keep my Birkin is behind me in the seat. Yes, I'm crazy when it comes to keeping my purses close to me at all times, but I've never regretted it. I'm just not the comfortable with placing expensive handbags on the chair or the floor. What has worked for you and your Birkin?
  2. i usually put it on another chair if not (gasp) on the floor. if the restaurant looks a little sketchy i keep it in the trunk. if it's a nice dinner restaurant, i'll have a clutch which i place on the table.
  3. i usually put my birkin on a chair, some restaurants do have a special chair for a special bag
  4. kim mac & juicykenzie-Making a request for a special chair sounds special.:tender:
  5. On another chair... or between your feet on the floor and if uncomfortable.. put her on a napkin.. I have never tried yet one of those hook on things on the table... that may be a very good solution. I do try when I go out to have a clutch with a strap or a Kelly. It is just easier.
  6. i usually have it on another chair....worst comes to worse, i have it on the ground with tissue underneath and over it..lol
  7. EeeWW! The floor scares me.:throwup:
  8. Well there are little feet under the birkin.... and to me under my feet of legs.. feel very safe... You could also just put your bag on your lap.
  9. I like the idea of choosing a different bag for dinner as an option, but on those evenings that it is not feasible....So far the best solution is to place it on a different chair. Thanks for the input. I'm always open to other creative ideas, too.
  10. The only situation I hate is when your server makes a statement about the manner in which you hold on to your purse. :rant:It just infuriates me, but I must remember that not everyone values their possessions like I do.
  11. It depends on where I'm dining! I took my grandsons to Waffle House for breakfast this morning, and it sat on the booth seat next to me! I wonder how many Hermes have every been to Waffle House!

    At some restaurants, I put it on a chair, if there is an extra one. I really am only comfortable doing this if the table is not in the middle of the room. In those circumstances, it goes on the floor between my feet. I would not take my Kelly anywhere I couldn't either put it on the booth seat, banquette, chair or floor, ie I would not take it to a bar. No point in inviting trouble.
  12. I enjoy and prefer booth seating. I simply place my handbags next to me. Wearing the right purse for the right occasion helps. Thanks.
  13. Maybe you could just keep the rain protection thingee in your bag, and if you need to set your bag on the floor, place the rain protector underneath it.
  14. Anywhere but the floor is my motto.
  15. ^^I've never placed my bag on the floor except once in an Hermes boutique and the SA picked it up placed it on the table... (oops!!!)