Where & When do you carry your birkin?

  1. Greeting TPF Ladies,

    I have seen all of your fabulous & Lovely BIRKINS collections, such as many colourfull of birkins and many of sizes also.:smile:
    All is lovely.:graucho: And I believe you have them not for just displaying & keep them in your closet. Or you only carry them for special occasions or daily?:yes: Or any particular of the weather ( winter/ raining day ) also make your birkins have to stay in the closet?:sad:
    I am wondering where & when do you carry your birkins. Appreciate all of you could share your experiences. with your wonderfull birkins. Might be very fun and interesting.:yahoo::drinks:

  2. I am a big fan of using my bags as often as possible! I dont always carry them when I am out with the children, as I have a nappy bag too and I just throw my purse and mobile in there. I find a handbag, nappy bag, buggy and kids a bit much for the park.

    However when there is no nappy bag then I use one of my bags all the time, travelling on the tube/train anything. The only bag I am precious with is the Kelly Longue, because if you put it down, leather touches something. The birkins have metal feet though...so I do sling mine around a bit and **SHOCK** I put them on the floor!

    ha ha! I'll wait for my telling off now!
  3. ^Eliselady - I'm not going to tell you off at all for putting your birkin down or the floor/ground whatever. Its pretty cool to have a relaxed attitude to your Birkin bags because it can get rather stressful if you need to cosset them 24/7. For this reason, I have chosen hard wearing non-scratch Togo for my 2 Birkins and I have to say I carry them pretty much everywhere - tube, metro, Eurostar, restaurants, etc... but then mine are pretty much everyday models. If I had an exotic Birkin I would obviously be more selective about when and where I carried them. But I bought my bags to use and use them I will!
  4. Me too!
  5. Tulip Purple, there are several of us in SG and we wear our Birkins everywhere AND daily. There is no such thing as just leaving them in the closet. In our humidity, leaving them in the closet increases the chances of the leathers getting mouldy. These bags need to breathe, and there is no better way to treat our birkins than to bring them out for fresh air. Sightings at Paragon and Ngee Ann City are just way too common actually. There are really alot of ladies with Birkins these days.
  6. I am exactly the same. I carry to work, mall, grocery shopping and all the mundane things I do! I don't carry them when I am doing down and dirty kids activities--park, lake, beach, etc.
    I am worry free with my vl and clemence. I am a bit more mindful if I carry my chevre or box though. Sadly no exotics or kelly longue to worry about....yet!
  7. :yes::yes:
  8. Wear it day in...day out. Except when the weight has gotten to me...then I change into a light shoulder bag for a week or so. I put mine on the floor as well. If I have to baby a bag, it isn't worth my having it. I have too many in that category, sit in storage bags in the closet. Not a good return on my investment.
  9. I use mine almost everyday, unless we are having an absolute downpour. I lead a very casual life. That means the bags are usually at the gym, running errands or bringing DD to activities
  10. I only have one, a chevre. It goes nearly everywhere, everyday. I don't baby it at all, or worry about the weather.
    The only places I don't take it is to a concert or major sporting event where there is greater chance of someone spilling on it...
  11. ITA :yes: That's what it's for! IMO, such a beautiful bag is meant to be used and loved.
  12. I carry my bags practically everywhere. While most times no one notices my bags, once I had my ostrich birkin sitting on top of a boxed fan in Home Depot (a home remodeling store) and a lady kept looking at it and at me. I think that she could not tell whether it was authentic and, if authentic, what was someone doing carrying it in a remodeling store.
  13. Anywhere, from cocktailparty to gym, on the airplane, to the beach:smile:
  14. I baby mine. She only comes out when I know it will be nice out and I don't have to worry about her. I worry about her so I hesitate to take her alot of places. I have to get over it but so far it's been rather difficult.
  15. Everywhere!!!

    That's what's so great about a Birkins - they're absolutely and positively made to be versatile!