Where/what time of year is best to find sale lanvins?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm late to the game regarding sale lanvins. I was busy focusing on bags =(. My question is, what is the best time of year/month - during which sale season do lanvins go on sale? And also, which stores normally put them on sale? What is usually the best way to get them - call up random stores, call up SA's, go to the actual store? I know some SA's email pictures of sale items, but I never really paid attention to lanvins so not sure if SA's sometimes send pictures of sale lanvins?

  2. Barneys and Nordstroms put them on sale usually when everything else goes on sale, ususually around Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc. I would check the websites periodically-that's how I generally get mine from Barneys. There are also some UK sites, like lindestore and matches they will put them on sale as well.
    Nordstroms does not have them on the website, you'd need to contact a SA, who could do a systemwide search.
  3. thanks rdgldy!

    i tried barneys website, but they are a lost cause. most of my orders got canceled =(. i think i'll wait for nordies.

    what's a good sale price do they normally go for? in the $200 range?
  4. thanks runghissimo! i checked out the site, but none in my size =(.
  5. ang2383 actually, from the end of may to begin of july are the best months to buy lanvin sale. well... many of them are not on sale, but i am sure you will find your size very soon. which size you need? you know that you usually need up to one size bigger in Lanvin, because they run very small.
  6. do you mean that site has them for sale or most stores like barneys and nordies?

    i'm normally a 7.5, 38 in loubies/prada, 37.5 or 38 in gucci. i'm guessing i'm a 38.5 in lanvins? i'm not picky about color, just as long as it's a decent color.
  7. any ladies know if there are any lanvins on sale at the moment or has a good SA they can refer me to that has details regarding sale lanvins?

    i'm not picky about colors. i'm a size 38.5 and finally decided to get my first pair. i'm probably late in the game though... i know nordies had some. the barneys site is a lost cause. all my orders from them always get canceled.
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    Oooh Melissa Ann-loving the denim too bad theyre not my size! :biggrin:

    My Theresa has a few really different ones on sale right now! hth

    Lanvin are one of my fav flats, good luck & congrats on getting your 1st pair! :smile:

    Loving the orange & green patents..oh & that party pair!! :love:


    I think Barneys has gotten a lot better with their online inventory; it may be worth taking a chance on placing an order (guilt free shopping!) :graucho:
  9. ^I was just going to suggest mytheresa! LOL.
  10. Nordstrom have some Lanvin for 60% off right.. Call Ed at 206-628-1600 SAlon Shoes
  11. thanks =)
  12. yeah! you definitely need 38.5 in lanvins. i think the stores start earlier with sale. barneys went on sale this may.