Where were you for Y2K...plus vintage t-shirt pic

  1. Where were you at the turn of the century...a once in a lifetime milestone for most of us!!! :nuts:

    I was in my early 30s, and had always fantasized about being in Tahiti, the Pyramids of Egypt, somewhere exotic...

    I ended up working that night! I was in the IT sector (still am) and when I joined the company I was with in spring of '99, Y2K prep was all the rage and nothing else mattered. I know it seems a little silly now, but it was all consuming back then, remember? ;)

    OH, and here's my now vintage Moschino t-shirt. I wore this a few days before Y2K and loved it! Yep, $100 well spent...back in 1999, lol :wlae:. A collectors item anytime soon - ?
  2. I called all of my family and told them how much I loved them just incase the world ended. Then I sat on the step with my eyes closed praying the world wasnt going to end.


    I was in Malvern Arkansas visiting my best friend. There isnt much to do out there, so we set off some left over fireworks from the 4th of July:push:. Thats about it! Boring New Years lol.
  3. I wanted to watch Prince's Pay Per View Special Rave Un2 the Year 2000 that night, but I had plans with family friends.
  4. I had two of my four kids back then and was pregnant with my third. I was amused at how my Mom and stepdad were stocking up on batteries and water...wondering in the back of my head whether I was going to be @#$d...I think I did exactly what I do every year - sit in the living room and watched the ball drop on TV. Dick. No, I mean the guy on TV. He was an icon.
    I didn't have a special shirt or anything. Just that Y2K lingo...silly....;)
  5. I was living in Petal, MS. I was in the 9th grade, and I remember being at my grandmother's house over the summer (in Maryland) talking about how people were starting to collect supplies and how it's more than likely a bunch of mumbo jumbo :smile:
  6. I was under 18 back then - and all my friends were 18 or over - so I was couldn't go out with them. I ended up staying at home watching the Sydney fireworks on TV...

    Oh, and my mum probably would have chained me up if I had tried to go out - she was one of the worriers who were stocking up on food/water etc. She probably would have thought I never would have made it home.

    I do remember that you could get licence plates around that time that said "y2k - it's not the end of the world".
  7. i was partying with my family at my house.. i was only 16 then so new year's were still spent with family & relatives. :party:
  8. I went to a party in Martha's Vineyard with like 1/4 of the island, although I can't remember whose house it was. I remember drinking a lot of wine, dancing, and watching fireworks ... it was a really great New Year's Eve!
  9. I was only 12 back then so I went to this huge party in the park nearby with my family and it chucked it down the whole night, but I think the rain gave it more atmosphere. Everyone was holding these cute paper lanterns with tea-lights and they were playing all the music I loved at that time. Fab night, thanks for reminding me of it!
  10. I was at a deserted beach party on the north coast of New South Wales, when midnight struck all the lights went out in the next town that we bould see across the bay - and came back on a minute later. I think that someone who worked in the town electrical board had a sense of humor.
  11. bould = could
  12. i had JUST turned 14 the week before, so i stayed at my parents' house and my middle school best friend stayed over with me. i remember us having a blast, but i don't remember what we did.
  13. There were some really crazy rumors going around about what would happen. I remember being at a christmas party & a couple of guys were telling me my Dh didn't love me cause we didn't have guns in the house to protect ourselves. They were serious & crazy. I was embarrassed for their wives but they seemed to believe what the jokers thought was true. Of course one guy was selling bottled water so there was his motive. I never saw them again, maybe they went into hiding. lol
  14. I think I was with one of my good friends and we were at my parents' house. We were all excited and hoped the power would go off. I think we jumped in the snow in our underwear at midnight, haha.
  15. That's pretty cool!

    (PS: we were in Las Vegas!)