Where were all the SAs?

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  1. Well apparently the company sent all the SA to a big Hermes convention! That is why the stores were closed Monday and Tuesday and the website had a note stating that anything ordered would be shipped today? Boy I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall there!! Lol:P
  2. They were all at a retreat in Princeton, NJ. My SA said it was good, but nothing new.
  3. The Hermes "Family Reunion"!
  4. Interesting. Were they learning how to make something out of nothing (as in, no stock)? :rolleyes:
  5. perhaps they were learning how to be "nicer" to customers..

    a course in not making judgements about how people look and not using
    the word NO in an abrupt manner when wanting to place a SO...
  6. It's an annual gathering for all the retail staffs where there will be some highlights and recognition. Eg. Back in Paris July 2008, during the annual gathering in Paris, the window display in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Julian Lee, window designer of Hermes was one of the highlights.
  7. And to just say "YES" when asked if there are any Birkin's available.....one can dream...
  8. I'd settle for overall better knowledge by SAs of the skins and colors. Just sayin'
  9. I think there is information/training on upcoming merchandise:happydance:too!!
  10. yes they were learning a nice way to say yes we make them yes you see them in our displays but no we don have them ..................products !!!!!! poor things i know its not them but in all honesty what is wrong with stocks !!!!
  11. Spread themselves too far, too fast and thin, so thin the merch is opaque; the next step is invisible to all but themselves.

  12. Never mind scarf names or whether things come in different sizes :Push:
  13. I bet they were planning for the LVMH "takeover" and QVC rollout of plastic ('scuse me, resin) kellys and birkins. The clear plastic models were the prototype. . .
  14. A Classic Teaparty discussing new business. .and possible take over
  15. I was at the King of Prussia store on 10/4, and the sign said that the store was closed for a special Hermes event. I didn't know whether to take umbrage because I hadn't been invited.