where was your speedy made

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  1. My Damier Speedy 30 was made in USA!

  2. mono usa
    mini lin france
    damier usa

    doesn't really matter :O)
  3. Damier 25 - made in USA
  4. You've likely already received a response to your question, but just in case: Speedies marked "Malletier" were made in the U.S.A. after LV opened its factory here in the 1990s. Unlike the earlier French Co. bags, which were under special license from LV, the Malletier bags were made by LV.
  5. my mono speedy 30 is made in u.s.a
  6. mono USA, azur FRANCE
  7. I am in Southern Australia and all the bags I have bought are from France...
  8. WC 30 made in France
  9. My mono 25 and 35 were made in France...
  10. My Damier 25 was made in France :smile:

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  11. My white McSpeedy is made in France. It's perfect in every way. :nuts::P
  12. Damier 35 - France
    Watercolor 35 - France
  13. Mono 80 made in Australia. just kidding, I have an aussie friend and he's a hunk lol. what has this got to do with LV. anyway am off! x
  14. Speedy 30- usa
  15. ^^ mine too :smile: