where was your speedy made

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  1. Mono speedy 30 and azur speedy 30 both in the U.S.A.
  2. my Mono 30 was made here in the USA!
  3. In France in 1988, my Malletier Speedy 30....and I'm right in love with her!:love:
  4. Mon monogram, speedy 30, made in France

    Actually, all my bags are made in France, small accessories made in France or Spain.
    But I dont have pix of others at the moment.
  5. my mono speedy 30 was made in france,minilin was france, and my azur speedy 25 was made in the usa.

    edited to say my denim speedy is made in france
  6. epi speedy and mono speedy both made in France
  7. To date, all of LV things were made in France.
  8. My Azur Speedy 25 -made in France (purchased 2 years ago) and my Monogram Speedy 30 - made in USA (purchased 3 days ago).
  9. I have a lot of Speedies. The only one that made in USA is a Mono 30. But I am also picky when I go buy something from LV. I try to look for ones that are made in France or Italy. I know most of LVs accessories are made in Spain or USA.
  10. both my monogram and damier ebene canvas speedies (both size 25) were made in france
  11. My new Mono Speedy 30 is made in France----so are my 4 other LV's.:smile:
  12. Same here, I make sure that all of my bags are made in France, no control over accessories though!

  13. Miroir Speedy 35 made in Italy
    White Multicolore Speedy made in France
  14. damier speedy made in France
  15. mono 25: france
    mono 30: USA
    mini lin: france