where was your speedy made

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  1. My azur 25 is made in USA:yes:, my Watercolor 35 is made in France:heart: I love my speedies!
  2. My Speedy 35 is Made in the USA
  3. thanks everyone for telling me where yours was made :biggrin:
  4. Both of mine are made in France :yes:
  5. I have 4, all made in France except for my French Co. Speedy, made in USA.
  6. Mono Speedy 25: Made in USA
    Mini Lin Croisette speedy 30 in blue: Made in France
  7. My Azur is an All American Girl!
  8. :yahoo:mine too mammabyrdie...;)
  9. I have an azur speedy 25 it was made in the USA!
  10. my speedy 30 was made in USA
  11. Mono 30-made in USA
    Azur 30-made in USA
    Damier 30-made in USA

    Geese, not one made in France!
  12. Both my mono 30 and damier 25 were made in the USA!
  13. My 19 year old Speedy was made in France.
  14. my mono speedy 25 says made in france, my damier speedy 30 says made in the usa and the inside of the Neverfull says made in the usa too.. both locks on the speedys say made in france though..
  15. Speedy 40 *
    Mon Monogram *
    Mirage Noir Speedy * All French made
    Watercolor Blanc 30 *
    Denim Patchwork Gris *

    Damier Ebene is American made but i can't see the tag so im not bothered as much!