where was your speedy made

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  1. My three speedies, azur, mono, and damier are made in USA. I actually prefer it bec. my very first speedy mono speedy that I got used was made in USA so maybe it's just that I'm a creature of habit. I'm pretty sure all my LV's are made in USA except a vintage epi petit noe. And I would prefer that my next two epi bags on my list are made in France too bec. my other one is.
  2. my speedy is made in france - but it seems that there's no chance for me to get one made in usa because i live in germany and buy a lot now in france. (which is next to france :smile: )
  3. so true, I think it's a lot to do w/ the country you live in, I'm in USA with all USA LV bags except for an older epi petit noe which was before bags were made in USA.
  4. I wonder if Australia gets France too? All of mine are France so far...?
  5. Mine are all Made in France except for my Azur Speedy purchased in the US therefore Made in USA :biggrin:
  6. W/C 30 France
  7. My Damier Azur Speedy 30 was made in france. :smile:
  8. Monogram Speedy 30= Made in France

    I was really happy when I got home from my vacation, and found that it was made in France. I know it doesnt make a difference as to quality, I just liked the fact that I owned something handcrafted in Fabulous Paris!
  9. Speedy 35 - Made in France
  10. Sorry no pics but USA and France
  11. My Mirage, Watercolor and Multicolore are all made in France.
  12. My speedy 30 was made in U.S.A., the lock says Made in France.
  13. My 35 is made in france. My 30 and 25 are from the USA.
  14. brown WC speedy 30 - made in France

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  15. This is actually a good question.. now that I think about it, i'm not sure where my speedy was made?
    The tab just says.. "Louis Vuitton Paris Malletier"
    So i'm not sure where it was made? I'm guessing France...?:confused1: