where was your speedy made

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  1. i recently bought a speedy 35 from the lv store
    and mine said it is made in U.S.A which i was surprised
    because i thought they were made in france
    so tell me where your speedy any size was made
    and pictures of your bags tag where it says it was made.​
  2. mine is speedy 30 azur, made in france.. will post the picture of the tag says it was made later. for the meantime, i post you the pic from outside, this the only pic i have from my speedy.

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  3. my mono speedy 30 was made in u.s.a. it says...
    my damier azur (don't have pic of tag, but just bag-also made in u.s.a.)

    i hope MULTICOLOR speedy is made in france!

    i've wondered about this because i've heard the speedies made not in usa but france, spain are the ones that are most durable, sturdy etc. would this be true?


  4. My damier speedy 30 is made in france.

  5. My damier ebene speedy was made in France, my mono speedy U.S.A, my azur speedy France, and my epi black speedy in France. So 3 from France and one from U.S.A
  6. My Mono speedy was made in France, and my azur was made in USA. I think the quality of the two are just the same.
  7. Multicolor: France
    Azur: France
  8. no pictures, but...

    Damier 25: USA
    Cerises: France
    Mini Lin: France
  9. My Speedy 40 is France.
  10. Watercolor Speedy 35 is made in france
    Damier Ebene Speedy 30 is made in U.S.A
    Damier Azur Speedy 30 is made in france....(tag is bitten by my puppy)

    this is interesting

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  11. Red epi leather speedy30= made in france
    Mini lin ebene speedy30= made in france
    monogram speedy35= made in usa
    damier speedy 30=made in usa
  12. Azur - in France :biggrin:
  13. [​IMG]A speedy 30 in monogram canvas made in U.S.A.
  14. what is the difference and why does everyone prefer them to be made in France?

    My WC speedy is made in France, actually all my bags are except for my pochette.
  15. Damier Speedy 30 (Ebene): Made in USA. The lock, however says Made in France.

    I made the SA look thru every Speedy b/c I really wanted one Made in France. I know it doesn't matter b/c they have factories all over, but my Petit Bucket was Made in France & I just like that!:P