Where was your Miroir made??

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  1. I finally got my silver pochette yesterday, and I really love it!!

    I was just wondering, mine is "Made in Spain" with a date code of CA1006.

    Does everyone have a Spanish Miroir?

    Enjoy those shiney bags, ladies!!

  2. Mine says SP1006. Where is that?
  3. Yours was made in France-Date code=October 2006
  4. My silver speedy says made in france...where is the date code? I must be blind!

    I will check the pouchette later, too lazy and cold to go upstairs ;)
  5. Ohh...some of the pochettes are made in Spain, some in France???

    I hope I get one that's made in France...
  6. My speedy was made in France and my pouchette was made in Spain! :yes:
  7. Speedy made in France and pochette made in spain
  8. Ooooo okay thanks MiroirPrincess