Where was your LE Vernis Cles made?


Your LE Vernis Cles was made in...

  1. France

  2. Spain

  3. U.S.A.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This is my first non-"Made in France" piece. It was made in Spain.

    Actually it didn't bother me much but I'm just curious if anyone got the cles which was made in somewhere else?
  2. My Perfo Cles was made in France.
  3. my LE pochette cles was made in Spain. i think my amarante regular cles was made in Spain too. But both my vernis bags were made in france. it seems like the smaller vernis items tend to be made in Spain more.
  4. My Pomme pochette cles was made in Spain.
  5. My Violette cles is made in spain
  6. My pomme LE cles was made in Spain.
  7. my pomme pochette cles was made in spain!
  8. my pomme cles was made in Spain. and may i add that it smells very weird...:confused1:
  9. lol:roflmfao: that was a funny feedback.

    I wasn't aware there is any special smell though.
  10. it has a very strong smell, almost like a paint thinner or something
  11. yea, mines too!!
  12. Oh yea... I wasn't aware of this smell until I saw your post. I mean... I wouldn't be able to smell that if I don't press the cles to my nose :smile:
  13. i heard all vernis cles are made in Spain.....
  14. I heard that all small Vernis pieces were being produced in Spain.
  15. my vernis agenda is made in spain.. most accessories are made in spain.