Where was your Bleecker wallet made?

  1. I bought a signature Bleecker checkbook wallet on eBay. It says made in India. Can this be authentic?
  2. I dont know about India, Most of Coach items if not all is made in China
  3. Post a picture
  4. Personally I haven't heard that one, I have only heard Made In China.. post pics and we can help you out! :tup:
  5. Both of my bleecker wallets say made in China. I got the checkbook wallet in wine from my outlet and the other is a clutch wallet from eBay.
  6. Coach used to have production in India as well as china and other places. Is it an older wallet ?
  7. I have the Black Leather Bleecker Clutch and I can't even find where it is made.
  8. There is a little black tag sewn in where you keep your dollar bills.
  9. Thanks! Mine is made in China.
  10. I have a signature bleecker checkbook wallet also and mine was made in china and i got mine at the coach store!
  11. Here are some pictures. There is a bullseye stamp like items from the outlet
    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG
  12. here are a few more
    020.JPG 021.JPG
  13. I have both the Bleeker checkbook wallet and wristlet which both say Made in China. I purchased mine from Coach.
  14. well that looks completely authentic to me, not to mention why would they put made in india when people know coach is made in china and why would they put a bullseye stamp on it :p You could always call JAX and ask but that looks good to me. :tup:
  15. I did a search on here and found that some people did have items that were made in India. I'm just a little leary. I paid with paypal and my credit card so, I am not to concerned about losing the money. It does look pretty dead on authentic though. I will post this over in the authenticate this thread.