Where to vacation??

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  1. Ok, July 4th will be our 15th anniversary. My husband travels all week, 7 states around midwest. I want to surprise him and go on a weeklong trip this year. So it will be from about July 1st-July 7th. He doesn't like too many crowds. Not beach areas. Maybe Mexico?? Somewhere to shop in quaint little shops. Like to find unusual pottery, antiques etc.

    OR, go where the Designer stuff is! New York, Chicago? Went to LA last year. Maybe Vegas?

    Where to??
  2. CABO, although no designer shops. Will be hot in the summer, but as they say...a Dry heat.

    Have fun!
  3. Charleston, SC

    Cute shops, lots of art, beautiful old architechture. Fabulous food. :yahoo:You could walk through downtown for days and never see it all. Located on a pennisula between two rivers. Humid in the summer.

    Love it, love it, love it.
  4. Hmm I would reccomend something in the Caribbean. Like Jamaica, Bonaire (very romantic) Or the Bahamas. But he doesn't like beach areas.
    Mexico City sounds really nice!