Where to stay WOODBURY OULETS?

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  1. Hi
    I am planning a trip to the Woodbury Common Outlets in NY- does anyone know where to stay? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
  2. oh sweetie, it's in the middle of nowhere. farmland nowhere. near a jail. i can't even begin to think of where to reccomend. but, make sure you go to their website, and sign up as a vip, you can print out a coupon that will entitle you to a booklet full of discounts for a good chunk of the stores there.
  3. I used to live in Northern NJ......There are some nice hotels there....I will get you the names asap....not far from the outlets...
  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!:nuts:
  5. I will go to website!
  6. Make sure check out Dior and Chanel!
  7. I remember driving to Woodbury from Northern NJ and noticing this middle-of-nowhere Sheraton that juts out from the highway (I think right when you enter NY). That could be an option....or, you can plan to stay between Woodbury and NYC, and hit up both!
  8. how funny.I used to live in Bergen County...either of those hotels are fine in Jersey and not too far...
  9. Jill,

    I live in passaic county but always shop in bergen or essex lol
  10. I am coming from Massachusetts- although I am originally from NY- but L.I.- I will just look online- NJ would be out of the way. I think we will hit NYC too after the outlets. I hope I find something at the outlets- I can't wait!
  11. I wish I were going there! Have fun!
  12. Thanks Noriko! I know you are the Dior expert here! I can't wait to go to Dior!
  13. The thruway and NJ meet. Looking online is a great idea. From the thruway where Woodbury is its less than 1/2 hr depending how far into NJ you come.
  14. We were there in August 05 and stayed in Chester, which is about 20 minutes West of the Mall. I wanted to stay close by to MAXIMUM the shopping time.

    We stayed at a very new Holiday Inn Express, which looked like it had been open for only a few months. It was great staying in such a new place, but I wish it had some laundry facilities! I wanted hubby to do the laundry and stay with the kids while I shopped! :lol:

    Here is more info. You can also go to the Holiday Inn website for more info.

    Holiday Inn Express76 Brookside Place,
    2 Bryle Pl.
    Chester, NY 10918

    Also, be sure to go to premiumoutlets.com and sign up for the VIP club. Then you can print some kind of form to get a coupon book at the customer service center. The site also has a map of the mall, which is helpful, since it is so enormous you need to plan your route!

    I was a little disappointed when I was there, but found some nice stuff at Celine. At the Gucci outlet was a special limited edition pink bag that was supposedly only sold in Hawaii! I was really tempted to buy it since it didn't go on sale here!