Where to stay in Vancouver?

  1. I may be making a trip out in August or September, where is a good place to stay in Vancouver? I heard that staying near Robson Street is always good. Are there any good hotels near Robson Street that won't cut into my purse budget? ;)

  2. Oooh Vancouver is a beautiful city, I have no idea about hotels, but Robson St. is great! you'll have alot of fun shopping there!!
  3. I went to Vancouver last October and stayed in Richmond, I'm not familiar with Vancouver at all...so hopefully the PF Vancouverites or someone who's stayed in Vancouver will have some good suggestions!
  4. I like the Pacific Palisades Hotel. It is not exactly new, but the location is good and they allow DOGS! So I always bring mine with me!
  5. I live in Vancouver's west end downtown near Stanley Park, I would reccommend this area highly,as it is close to everything (5 mins from Robson, close to a lot of restaurants, bars, etc. and the beach) and super gorgeous! Try the Sylvia Hotel, which is about $120 a night (604.681.9321), or maybe the Comfort Inn.
  6. LOVE shopping on Robson - have a wonderful trip!
  7. What are your plans? Shopping, sight seeing? If shopping definately stay close to Robson but it might be quite pricey. What is your budget? Staying at the west end is convenient, by Denman, tons of restaurants and by the beach.
    This website have a list of hotels on the west end.

    Good Luck and Enjoy Your Stay.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I think $120 a night is reasonable. I would love to do some shopping, maybe do some sightseeing.
  9. I always stay at The Sutton Place Hotel, not cheap, but we did run into some pretty posh celebs there last month. Also met and talked with "Hurley" and John Locke from LOST. Thanks heavens I was carrying my Black City bag when I was celeb spotting. Have fun wherever you stay, it is a wonderful city!!
  10. What about the Hyatt, Sheraton and Marriott Hotels? Are they near Robson Street?
  11. Sheraton and Hyatt is about 3 blocks from Robson. Marriot is about 5 blocks. At this time of the year they usually ran for over 200/nite. I personally like Sheraton as it has nicer decor and best rates.
  12. i've stayed at the four seasons and it was nice - convenient for shopping, cuz it's right above the pacific centre mall. :supacool:
  13. Unfortunately I only have time to go in August, I would love to go in September....

    icebreaker, thank you for the tips on the hotels! I was looking at the Sheraton.

    I was also looking at the Four Seasons as well, there are so many to choose from, I was looking at tripadvisor.com and they said that the Metropolitan was supposed to be a nice also.