Where to start.....

  1. This is my first (nervous) post....

    I have been admiring all things 'Hermes' for some time now:drool: and have a question.....I know that the birkin is for me and living where I do seeing one in real life only happens on holidays, so how do I know which leather/HW is for me??? :confused1: I have looked in the ref pages and at hermesgroupie's online 'leather book' but dont know where to start. Any tips??? :rolleyes:

    Emmy x
  2. i havent been posting in this sub forum for very long but iv learned that these things need to be taken slowly, study EVERYTHING and think about it, no obssess over it and scrutinise every desicion you make so that you know its right for you. and its best to start small.

    am i right ladies?
  3. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you going for a more casual or dressier look? What is your wardrobe like? What is the weather like in your area? Will you be using your Birkin for fancier or more casual occasions? Are you rough on your bags? Will you obsess over scratches? Do you like a more rigid or slouchy look to your bag?

    There. That's a start.

    Anybody else want to add anything?

    Oh, and welcome. Don't be nervous. A lot of the ladies are a blast.
  4. Absolutely right, cherry pie! As exciting as it is, best advice I can give is not to rush it. Sometimes your first instinct for colour/size/hardware is not what you'll prefer 6-12 mths down the track. I would take a long stroll through the action thread to get an idea of what the bags look like worn with different colour outfits etc. That's always been more helpful to me that looking at pics of birkins on their own - no matter how pretty they look. Use the search function too if you have some early ideas - such as reds or blues, and you'll most likely find every colour has been discussed & compared somewhere.

    I got so much help here before I bought my birkin, so all you need do is ask. The ladies here really are experts. One thing I think that might speed up the process for you if you're willing to do it, is post pics of yourself wearing some different but typical outfits and give us some guidance as to what kinds of colours you're considering. That will enable us to suggest combinations that would suit you. Oh, and WELCOME to TPF, Emmy!
  5. OMG I am sooo excited that you ladies have replied!

    I have a theory that nothing should be saved for best - perfum, lingerie, etc and on this basis I can justify my work clothes / accessories budget. I am a teacher and so I tend to dress on the smart/'fancy' (I do hope the translation of English 'fancy' to everyone else's 'fancy' is right!) side and a birkin just seems to sum things up perfectly! :idea:
    Black is the staple colour of my wardrobe and as much as I try and am encouraged to deviate, I think it always will be! :rolleyes:
    At the moment I am carrying as quite wide range of styles - Every Mulberry conceivable to Fendi Spy through Chloe 'baby' Paddy - mainly in black/browns.
    I adore the structure of the birkin - my closest thing so far is my Mulberry Bayswater - but she crumbles at the knees of a H Birkin.... :drool:
    Many thanks for your help so far - I am in awe of your knowledge ladies....really.....
  6. O and PS I am happy to post pics of me in outfits!
    Thanks again Ladies....x
  7. The other thing you can ask youself if what you love to touch. For example do you like smooth shiny leathers or soft squishy ones? Box is very smooth to the touch but stiff, whereas Clemence, Swift and some Togo is very soft. If you love the look of a grain but also want stiffness, Epsom would work for you. But if you detest plastic feeling stiffness - Epsom is something to stay away from.
  8. Welcome Emmy!

  9. So when you say 'start small' then should I be looking to buy other Hermes items first? I'm not really a bracelet kinda girl TBH but the idea of a scarf appeals....is this what you mean???? :rolleyes:
  10. Yes welcome Emmy!!! Your tastes may change. When I stared my affair with Hermes I only wanted Box leather. It is so iconic and beautiful. Now I have moved on to appreciate the suppleness of the softer leathers they offer and love the artful casualness of the Mou style (slouchy) Hermes offers in it's variety of bags.

    Best of luck to you.
  11. welcome and enjoy all the forum has to offer!! Tons of advice and info on the leathers, wear, etc. -- good luck!
  12. Hello! I would consider a gold or Red seems from the list of designers that you like to be on top of what is in; so the most bang for your buck would be in some thing well recognized and timeless as are the 2 mention colors. I would get a Togo Clemence or swift they are more stronger and luxurious.They can also take the wear and tear of every day working woman as your self. The hard wear, I like gold on my bags it has the Little square at the end of the name plate that gives it an extra something. Also looks amazing in person.The 2 colors give a burst of life to any outfit.Let us know more about your self and hopefully you can get to show us your bag soon.Have fun picking out your bag!!! Here are the two best examples of style from one extreme to an other if Jagger can make it work with her outfits I'm sure no one will have no problem.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  13. I am a beginner H collector, but I have learnt a lot from all the experts on this forum. While I was shopping for my first birkin, I tried all the tricks these ladies have suggested.

    1. write down the colours of your outfit for a week or two and check which birkin colour is suitable. Don’t forget to consider different type of h/w.
    2. make paper cut-outs of birkin in various sizes. put yourself in front of a full-length mirror to determine your preferable size. If you have friends with birkin, try to get some real life experiences also.
    3. visit your local h boutiques and check out different colours on different leathers. Even if they don't have birkins on display, checking out other bags and accessories can give you lots of ideas. who knows, you may find something small while searching for your 1st birkin. I sure did.

    BTW, is that a rouge H birkin in Jagger's pics? If you wear a lot of black (or white, navy, charcoal, beige), rouge h should definitely be on your list of possible colours. It adds a subtle/understated colour to your outfit.

    I am no expert, but the tips above sure help my search for the perfect bag.

    Good luck and don't be shy about asking more questions. The ladies here and really helpful.
  14. Welcome aboard, EmmyC. There is something about your posts that I find very cute. I think you're going to enjoy your time here alot. :yes:
  15. What a great bunch you are! Thanks sooo much for your tips - I have some food for thought now....

    I am getting married on 27th July (in my local church in Yorkshire) and then going away on honeymoon to the US for 3 weeks. We are staying in San Francisco, Sonoma Valley, LA, Las Vegas and finally on to New York - I should be able to find a few Hermes stores along the way!!! I'm going to use the opportunity to try to get my hands on some of the leathers....fortunately my hubby to be enjoys shopping - on our last trip to NY he named himself my 'bag b1tch'! :smile:

    I'll try not to rush into anything....it will be strictly fact finding for the moment....however I think I may be able to feel a scarf coming on.....:rolleyes: