Where to start? And what to choose?

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  1. Hi all!

    It's my first post to this subforum, so first I wanted to say hello :smile:

    I must admit, that I've never been a Miu Miu lover, but after my last trip to Tokyo I started to like it. To bad I haven't found nothing perfect for me then.

    I'm now in proces of finding my first Miu Miu bag and to be honest, I have no idea where to start... I haven't found any good on-line catalog of bags (mabey I havent been looking good enoug) and as I don't have a store in my country I have no idea where to go. I know what I'm looking for, so mabey you can help me a little :smile:

    I would like:
    -a bag in pink (rather pale), gray or nude colour
    -rather big (A4 should work), with a smal handle and a strap
    - I think that i would prefere a vertical one, but it's not a must

    I was thinking of matelasse (I really don't know the different types too well) and mabey a bow, but I think that matelasse would work better for me. I'm not sure if it comes in a coulurs I like (and I would prefere it to be mat), so here is my final question: can you please guide me to some sites where I can look through Miu Miu bag collections (I've been on e-luxury, saks and netaporte) or mabey suggest a bag suitable for me?

    Thanks for reading this all, I know that for most of you my post must be really annoying but I can't think of a better place to learn.

    Hugs :smile:
  2. you can take a look at:

    Rakuten: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/prime-brandshopping/1817138/18171
    mytheresa: http://www.mytheresa.com/shop/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=271&cat=4
    styledrops: http://www.styledrops.com/viewAll-86.html
    diabro: http://diabro.net/index.php/cPath/192_761?gclid=CMX10p-ZjpgCFU0wpAodqD6q4Q
    rafello network: http://www.raffaello-network.com/raffties/fashion-product-list-view-all.php?rangeid=107&prodrange=Miu%20Miu%20Handbags

    the bow satchel only just fits A4 - you might have to slant the A4 items a little before they fit into the bag. there is also only glazed leather for the newer bows released. so maybe you could look at the matelasse if you want a matt colour :smile:
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. thanks for posting the other online shop sites flirtology! :tup: