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  1. Cosmoprof !
  2. Hi there, I'm a newbie to SOPs but am getting into using Gelish. However, I want to get the best deal that I can on them so I can get more colors for the money! Has anyone purchased Gelish colors and products (I'm also interested in the structure & hard gels by Gelish) for a good price that ships to Canada? I've found a few sellers on ebay but would love to hear recommendations for either specific ebay sellers or other online shops!
  3. I like buying nail polish at www.en.koreadepart.com/ brands like Holika Holika, SkinFood, Apieux etc.
  4. My favourite one would be O.P.I.'s store.
  5. Has anyone ever bought from ebay seller vooboodoo? They have free international shipping!
  6. Deborah Lippmann's 30% off cyber Monday sale ends today (Tuesday). Is $12 a bottle the cheapest I can buy DL? I bought some for myself, but wanted to hold off on buying some for my sister since her birthday isn't until June.
    Is it smart to buy now, or will DL have another sale like this before June?
  7. Heya guys,

    First time here :biggrin:

    I found this great deal and I wanted to share with you

    http://lexnail.com/ The web site is coming soon but if you subscribe now you get 10% off coupon. They will be selling OPI nail polishes at discounted prices. For now they have facebook and twitter on. @lex_nail https://www.facebook.com/lexnail/
  8. I've tried BornPretty Nail stuff. The price is reasonable. So many to choose from.
    But what kills me is the long delivery time. Besides this, I've done so much nail design with their stuff. I can't stop showing them off everyday ❤
  9. I’ve always enjoyed Zoya’s formulas — this is a great price for full-size Zoya bottles + accessories. As a longtime polish-nut, I’d invariably have a lot of color dupes for any collection, but I’ve share the sale with a friend just starting out in polish. Thx for the link!
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  10. I think nowadays we don't get confused regarding an online purchase, Most of websites are providing good products to consider their policies as well.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on these!
  12. what is live couple code for purchase beauty products? Anyone have code? Please share with me.